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GPS Vehicle Tracking (SWAT) / Auto Security Programs / Vehicle Replacement / KARR Guard - Multi Bundled Product Program

These program descriptions are an outline of coverage available through the program. For complete details concerning terms, conditions and exclusions please refer to your program agreement.

GPS Vehicle Tracking (SWAT) puts you in the driver’s seat with a new web-based vehicle location and recovery solution. Using state-of-the-art-technology, SWAT gives you the power of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that the government and large corporations have been using for years.

Several program plans designed for your customers needs:

  • SWAT
  • SWAT Enhanced
  • SWAT Plus

Base on selected program benefits may include
(review specific contract for full details):

Instant Vehicle Location
  • Current Address and Location
  • Speed
  • Direction

Powerful Remote Controls

  • Disable Vehicle
  • Geo Fence

Immediate Notifications

  • Alarm System Activated
  • Geo-Fence Notifications
  • Excess Speed
  • Low Battery Voltage

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Auto Security Programs designed as a professional full featured auto security system is available through a network of elite auto and RV dealerships at the time a vehicle is purchased or at any later time. 

Our Auto Security Programs offer:

  • Full Featured Vehicle Security System
  • Personal Protection
  • Keyless Convenience
  • Highest Quality Products
  • The Best in Customer Service
  • Dealer Front Load & In-House Programs
  • Aftermarket Training & Consultation
  • 3yr / 36,000 mile Warranty on Parts/ Labor
  • Professional Technicians
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support
  • Possible Insurance Discount
  • Schedule Your Install Now!
  • Order Replacement Remotes

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Vehicle Replacement provides a guarantee that in the event the covered vehicle is stolen, not recovered for 30 days and declared a total loss by your primary insurance carrier during the guarantee period, you will receive a brand new* vehicle of the then current year
(see guarantee for exact details).

Limit of Coverage
The total benefi t is up to $20,000.

How the Benefit is Determined
Your primary Auto Insurance Policy will only pay for the depreciated value of your used
vehicle at the time of loss, not the replacement value for a new vehicle. We will pay the difference!
*The replacement vehicle for a pre-owned policy will be of a similar age and mileage as the original vehicle purchase.

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